Meeting Details

Planning & Zoning Commission

Date: 2020-02-18

Time: 06:00 PM

Location: City Hall - Council Chambers

Subject: February Regular Meeting


Cases heard at this meeting are listed below.

Case Number

Case Name


Z-12-19 28 Valley St NW Complete
Carlos Moore Architect, PA., has submitted a zoning map amendment application for property located at 28 Valley St. NW from RC (Residential Compact) to O-I (Office Institutional). The property is owned by and adjacent to the existing Senior Housing Resources LLC. PIN 5620-66-3258
TA-06-19 Use Table - Addition of the use Bar Complete
Administrative amendment to CDO Article 8 “Use Regulations” for the addition of “Bar” as a primary use in response to the approved local referendum associated with on premise malt beverage consumption.
SUP-02-20 Tailored Smoke Cigar Club Complete
Preston Gray has submitted an application for a Special Use Permit to operate a Private Club located at 8633 Concord Mills Blvd. PIN 4589-45-9398
TA-01-20 Group One Text Amendments to CDO Complete
A number of text amendments pertaining to the rewrite of the Concord Development Ordinance. Note: townhomes are not made part of these "Group One" text amendments, but will be covered at a later date.


Files pertaining to this meeting are listed below. Additional files may be available in the cases above.

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