Type 4 Signs

The category of signs defined as Type 4 Freestanding Temporary signs shall include only those signs which are constructed in a manner that is commonly referred to as an “A-frame” or “sandwich board” sign. The faces of the sign shall be connected at the top by hinges or similar mechanisms and the sign shall be self-supporting when placed in its display position.

1.   Where Permitted

Type 4 signs may only be displayed by a use that is included in the Commercial use category.

2.   Permitted Size

The maximum sign display area is limited to six (6) square feet per sign face.

3.   Permitted Height

The maximum height of the sign is limited to four (4) feet above the grade of the surface upon which it is displayed when placed in its display position.

4.   Number Permitted

One (1) Type 4 Freestanding Temporary Sign may be displayed per customer entrance, provided that no more than two (2) Type 4 signs may be displayed per tenant space along the same building frontage.

5.   Sign Material Standard

The display areas (sign faces) shall be composed of rigid material.

6.   Placement Standards

a.    A Type 4 sign may only be placed within an area bounded by an imaginary line running ten (10) feet along the building wall from the outer edges of the customer entrance, extending ten (10) feet perpendicular to the building wall and thence connecting at the center point of the customer entrance ten (10) feet from the building wall.

b.   Type 4 signs may be placed upon a public sidewalk or other pedestrian walkway, provided that a minimum of four (4) feet of unobstructed clearance is maintained along the directional path of the walkway. Within the Center City zoning district, signs shall be placed in a manner so that the edge of the sign is flush with the wall of the building housing the use associated with the sign, provided that a four (4) foot unobstructed path along the sidewalk shall be maintained in all cases.

c.    Type 4 signs associated with an individual tenant space shall be separated by a minimum of 50 feet. 

d.   In no case shall a Type 4 sign be placed within a landscaped area, or within a vehicular use area, including parking areas, loading areas and driveways. 

7.   Permitted Duration of Display

Type 4 signs may only be displayed during the period beginning 30 minutes prior to the daily opening and ending 30 minutes following the daily closing of the business displaying the sign.