Type 1 Signs

Signs in this category consist of small, temporary yard signs that are typically associated with (but not limited to) the advertisement of real estate, political campaigns and meeting announcements. For examples of Type 1 Temporary Freestanding Signs, see Figure 12-4.

1.   Where Permitted

Type 1 Freestanding Temporary signs may be displayed in any district and may be associated with any use, including parcels containing only vacant or undeveloped land.

2.   Permitted Size

The maximum sign display area is limited to six (6) square feet (per side if dual sided).

3.   Permitted Height

The maximum height of the sign, including any supporting posts or stakes, is limited to four (4) feet above the adjacent grade.

4.   Number Permitted

One (1) Type 1 Freestanding Temporary Sign may be displayed on a parcel or group of adjacent parcels under common ownership or tenancy.

5.   Sign Material

The display area (sign face) shall be composed of a rigid material.

6.   Mounting Standard

Signs may only be mounted and supported by posts or stakes.

7.   Permitted Duration of Display

There is no limit to the duration of the display of a Type 1 sign.