Temporary signs mounted to building walls may be displayed subject to the following provisions:


A.       Wall mounted temporary signs are permitted to be displayed on buildings housing a principal use within the Public and Civic, Commercial or Industrial use categories, as well as any building housing a use which is a non-profit corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


B.       One (1) temporary wall sign may be displayed per building occupied by a single tenant. Buildings designed for occupancy by multiple tenants where each tenant has a separate entrance may display one (1) temporary wall sign per tenant space. Buildings occupied by multiple tenants that share a common entrance may not display more than one (1) temporary wall sign at any given time.


C.       Temporary wall signs shall be mounted flush against the building wall and secured by fasteners or other anchors at each corner.  


D.       The maximum display area for temporary wall signs shall be the greater of eighteen (18) square feet or twenty-five percent (25%) of the maximum permitted permanent wall signage, not to exceed 72 square feet.


E.       Temporary wall signs may be displayed for a maximum of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days.


F.       Temporary wall signs may be displayed a maximum of four (4) times per calendar year, with a minimum of thirty (30) days of separation between removing a temporary wall sign and displaying a new temporary wall sign. The minimum time period between temporary sign displays for buildings housing multiple uses that share a common entrance is ten (10) days.


G.       Beginning on the date that a certificate of occupancy for a newly constructed building or zoning permit for a bona fide change of use is issued and ending 60 calendar days following the issuance of said certificate or permit, a temporary wall sign in compliance with the remaining standards of this section may be displayed for the duration of the 60 day period. The display of a temporary wall sign subject to this provision shall be counted as one of the four (4) permitted displays for the calendar year in which the sign is removed. The required thirty (30) day separation period shall begin upon the removal of such sign.