Meeting Details

Planning & Zoning Commission

Date: 2021-12-21

Time: 06:00 PM

Location: City Hall - Council Chambers

Subject: Regular Meeting


Cases heard at this meeting are listed below.

Case Number

Case Name


Z-25-21 Chase Burton, Stough Rd. Post-processing
Chase Burton, Burton Engineering, has submitted a Zoning Map Amendment application for +/- 74.019 acres of recently annexed property located at 4862 Stough Rd from Cabarrus County LI (Limited Industrial) to City of Concord I-1 (Light Industrial). PIN 5518-74-9619
Z(CD)-29-21 7010 West Winds Blvd Post-processing
Josh Drye, Samet Corporation, has submitted a Zoning Map Amendment application for +/- 15.678 acres of property located at 7010 West Winds Blvd. NW., from I2-CU to I2-CU Amended, in order to remove the previously required 100ft buffer along Derita Rd. No other site or use modification is proposed to be altered from the previous approval. PIN 4680-70-0490
Z-30-21 2583 Armentrout Post-processing
Chad Love, Love HVAC, has submitted a zoning map amendment application for +/- 1.49 acres located at 2583 Armentrout Dr. SW. from I-2 (Heavy Industrial) to I-1 (Light Industrial). PIN 5539-07-4065
TA-12-21 Article 7 Townhome Development On Upcoming Agenda
TA-12-21 – Administrative Text Amendment to Concord Development Ordinance Article 7 “Base Zoning Districts,” relative to Townhouse/Townhome regulations.
TA-13-21 Historic Handbook - Time Change On Upcoming Agenda
TA-13-21 – Administrative Text Amendment to Historic Handbook Chapter 3, “Working With the Historic Preservation Commission,” relative to the amended meeting time (6:00 pm).


Files pertaining to this meeting are listed below. Additional files may be available in the cases above.

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