Meeting Details

Planning & Zoning Commission

Date: 2021-09-21

Time: 06:00 PM

Location: City Hall - Council Chambers

Subject: Regular Meeting


Cases heard at this meeting are listed below.

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LLD-01-21 Local Landmark Designation Norcott Mill- Cannon Mill Plant No. 10 Withdrawn
A local landmark designation request for Norcott Mill-Cannon Mill Plant No. 10 located at 580, 594, 598 Cabarrus Ave. W., 569-581 Flora Ave NW. PIN 5620-23-7893.
Z-17-21 209 Gene Ct. SE Complete
Kate Underwood, Concord Engineering & Surveying Inc., has submitted a Zoning Map Amendment application for +/- 7.582 acres of property located at 209 Gene Ct. SE. from RM-1 (Residential Medium Density – 3 du/a) to RM-2 (Residential Medium Density – 4 du/a). PIN 5631-40-7132
Z-19-21 442 and 436 Cabarrus Ave Complete
Kyle Bilafer on behalf of Cabarrus County has submitted a zoning map amendment application for +/- .321 acres of property located at 442 and 436 Cabarrus Avenue West from RM-2 (Residential Medium Density) to I-1 (Light Industrial). PINs 5620-44-7384 and 5620-44-8347
TA-08-21 Text Amendment (Food Trucks) Complete
Administrative Text Amendments to CDO Article 8 “Use Regulations” as it relates to the regulation of Food Trucks.
TA-09-21 Text Amendment (City Center Standards) Complete
Administrative Text Amendment to Article 7 (Base Zoning Districts), Section 7.9 as it relates to the Center City design guidelines.
SUP-03-21 Project Independence Complete
SUP-03-21 (Quasi-Judicial Hearing) An industrial project with the economic development code name “Project Independence,” has submitted a Special Use Permit Application for +/- 53.355 acres of property, zoned I-1 (Light Industrial), and located at 227 and 233 NC Hwy 49 S., in order to develop a product warehouse/distribution facility. PINs 5539-43-7145 and 5539-42-3379


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