Meeting Details

Planning & Zoning Commission

Date: 2020-10-20

Time: 06:00 PM

Location: City Hall - Council Chambers

Subject: Regular Meeting


Cases heard at this meeting are listed below.

Case Number

Case Name


Z(CD)-01-20 Dreaming Creek-Eddie Moore-McAdams - Concord Pkway S Complete
Eddie Moore, AICP, with McAdams, has submitted a Zoning Map Amendment application for property located on the south side of the Concord Pkwy South and Concord Farms Rd intersection from MX-CC1 (Mixed Use Commercial Center Small) to PUD (Planned Unit Development). PIN 5509-66-2141
SUP-04-20 Michael Lambert - 301 Magnolia Complete
Michael Lambert has submitted a Special Use Permit application for property located at 301 Magnolia St. NW in order to operate a salvage/junk yard in an I-2 (General Industrial) zoning district. PIN 5620-38-9350
Z(CD)-14-20 Tucker's Walk Amendment Complete
David Miller, Raley Miller Properties, has submitted a Zoning Map Amendment to modify the previously approved PUD (Planned Unit Development), located at the southwest corner of Poplar Tent Rd. and Harris Rd. related to site layout and landscape buffers. PINs 4671-91-8487, 4671-91-5368, 4671-91-4382, 4671-91-3271, 4671-91-1097, 4671-90-1741


Files pertaining to this meeting are listed below. Additional files may be available in the cases above.

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October 20th Full PandZ Packet.pdf