Meeting Details

City Council

Date: 2021-06-10

Time: 06:00 PM

Location: City Hall - Council Chambers

Subject: June 2021 Regular Meeting


Cases heard at this meeting are listed below.

Case Number

Case Name


ANX-02-21 Buffalo Ranch Addition Complete
William Niblock has submitted an annexation petition for +/- 4.757 acres of land located at 2183 and 2315 Heglar Rd. The annexation petition has been submitted in order include the subject properties in the Buffalo Ranch subdivision as additional single-family detached lots. PINs 5549-49-9161 and 5549-48-9472
ANX-03-21 CEENTA Parking Lot Expansion Complete
James H. Craver has submitted an annexation petition for +/- 0.4009 acres of land located south of the Copperfield Blvd and Amalia St. intersection. The purpose for annexation is to develop the subject property as an extension of the CEENTA parking lot. PIN p/o 5622-64-8709
ANX-04-21 City of Concord - Electric Systems Operation Center Complete
Andrea Cline, City of Concord Electric Department, has submitted an Annexation Petition for +/- 16.5 acres of land located at 505 Alfred Brown Jr. Ct. SW. in order to expand the existing City of Concord Brown Operations Center. The subject property is located within the City's ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction). PIN 5539-26-7994
TA-04-21 G. S. 160D Amendments and Cross reference Amendments Complete
Updates to Articles 1-14 in the Concord Development Ordinance (CDO) relative to required General Statute 160D updates. Also, corrective/cross reference changes are suggested.