Meeting Details

City Council

Date: 2018-10-11

Time: 06:00 PM

Location: City Hall - Council Chambers

Subject: October 2018 Regular Meeting


Cases heard at this meeting are listed below.

Case Number

Case Name


TA-01-18 Family Care Homes Complete
Pertaining to Family Care Homes, Table 8.1.8 needs to be modified (delete the requirement of a Special Use Permit) so that the ordinance is in compliance with General Statutes.
TA-02-18 Text pertaining to Board of Adjustment Complete
In 2013, the state legislature updated the regulations and restrictions related to a local Board of Adjustment’s powers and duties. The proposed text amendments to Article 2 and Article 6 of the Concord Development Ordinance align the city’s policies with the state statutes so that the city’s Board of Adjustment functions in accordance with state regulations.
TA-05-18 Notifications to Neighborhood Associations Complete
Text amendment that would require petitioners of zoning map amendments to notify neighborhood associations and homeowner's associations within 1/2 mile of the proposed zoning change.
TA-08-18 Front Setbacks in RC and RV Complete
Modify the front setback of RC and RV zones from 20 feet to 24 feet to allow for more room to park vehicles without blocking the sidewalk.
TA-09-18 Street Yards and Buffer Yards Complete
Landscaping and buffering changes to Article 11
TA-10-18 Street Trees and street cross sections Complete
Street cross sections
TA-11-18 Private Clubs Complete
Allows private clubs in the entirety of the Center City Zoning District with a Special Use Permit.
TA-12-18 Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance Complete
Amendment to Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance to accommodate the release of new flood plain maps issued by FEMA and the State of North Carolina.